Create your own Steampunk’d Wheelchair

Looking for inspiration for your next wheelchair costume? Admire the skill and the craftsmanship that goes into making a great costume? Tired of the same old cliche Halloween costumes? Look no further. There are so many great costumes for wheelchairs out there but some of the most creative and unique costumes come from the world of Steampunk.

Steampunk ,just like Wheelin' Mobility, uses gears, rivets, nuts, bolts and creative problem solving. Of course lets not forget wheelchairs!

Steampunk'd Wheelchairs are great because steampunk focuses on getting people moving in creative and ingenious ways. Each custom creation has incredible craftsmanship and creativity. Looking at them, you feel transported to a different world. Who wouldn't want their own EPIC Steampunk'd creation?

Here are some things to think about when dreaming up your own Steampunk masterpiece:


What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is set in a re-imagined Victorian era, where the futuristic ideas such as vehicles powered with steam can take flight in a Victorian backdrop.The future set in the past.  This old fashion wheelchair would be the perfect vehicle for an awesome steampunk costumes.

An important component of steampunk is the functionality of all components. No matter how old the chair is, it still has to transport you around. What good is an EPIC steampunk wheelchair if you can't show it off?


Complex Mechanisms

All steam vehicles must look as complex as a Rube Goldberg Machine (a Rube Goldberg Machine is a device that creates the most complicated and intricate way of performing a simple task, e.g. pulling a lever on one side of your house starts a intricate chain reaction that ultimately leads toasting bread in a toaster). Steam vehicles are similar, in that the more gears and steam a tubes there are to power the vehicle the better. Gears, tubes and steam are your friend when thinking of transforming your wheelchair into a steam vehicle.


Gears, Levers and Switches

It isn't steampunk without levers and switches. The perfect steam vehicle should have as many functional gears, levers and switches as possible! The one shown above is for a steampunk version of Professor Xavier's wheelchair from the X-Men franchise. Elegant, intricate and pretty Victorian levers are great choices for your steam vehicle.


Full Steam Ahead

The back of the same chair is equally as complex with a fully working smoke stack! Notice the crown on the top of the stack, and all the pretty copper details that were applied to the back of the chair and to both sets of wheels.


It's all in the Details

The Victorian era really paid attention to details. If you ever saw a Victorian house, you would see all the details masterfully carved into the trim and the crown molding. They loved curved and flowing designs. Steampunk embraces this trend using added touches of gold, copper, and steel to represent the industrial period, an essential component to steampunk. In the above chair, no detail is overlooked. Even the stitching on the chair is expertly finished. The best part is how comfortable it looks.

Nautical steam

Under the Sea

When in doubt, go nautical. Submarines and other submersible deep sea vehicles are a huge part of the steampunk world. Think the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".  Both movies are full of steampunk nautical inspiration. This wheelchair was the perfect base for this nautical fantasy submersible.


The Complete Package

No steam vehicle is complete without an awesome character to go with it. You can invent your own or pull a character directly from the steampunk world. Above is Dr. Loveless.

Dr. Loveless was a fictional evil villain from the TV show and movie "The Wild Wild West" circa 1965 and remade in 1999. He was a technical wizard and inventor producing gadgets far ahead of his time.


A Unique Spin

Don't be afraid to put your own unique spin on an old idea. Dr. Loveless is a popular steampunk costume but each person adds there own personal touches to the character. An example is the crazy feathered hat in this Dr. Loveless creation versus the top hat in other example. The hat and the leather jacket helps this Dr. Loveless to look menacing and scary, where as the top hat implies a more gentlemanly yet devious personality.


Re-imagine Popular Characters

Taking popular characters such as professor Xavier from X-Men and creating a steampunk version is a cleverly creative steampunk cosplay. Their are tons of steampunk Tinkerbells out there, so why not a steampunk Professor X? The attention to detail and creativity makes this costume an instant winner.


The possibilities are endless in the world of steam. Remember to add your favourite steampunk goggles and waistcoat, or Victorian dress. Most importantly: have fun! We would love to see any of your steampunk creations. Email us at and we will share them on our Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!