celebrating innovation


In our line of work we are always coming across exciting new and innovative products, it’s one of the many reasons we love our jobs so much. Some of these products are simple yet genius solutions to common problems and some are more complex products that anyone would love to own. We wanted to share with you some of our favourite innovations.

Enjoy and share often 🙂

TetraGear Lights

TetraGear Lights
Versatile, Bright, Expandable and easy to use. Perfect for use on you manual, power chair, scooter, handcycle, bicycle and more. TetraGear lights will light up your life!

TetraGear Lights

Innovative customizable Safety Lights. You can create visibility from above with the aerial version or use the light strips on your chair to light it up on the sides or below. The strip version is lightweight and low-profile, while the aerial version sits on a raised, flexible antenna for 360 degrees of visibility. The lights are fully programmable: you choose which colours you display, and if you want them to flash or to stay constant. It’s up to you.

TetraGear Controller

The custom LED light controller was designed with usability and reliability at the forefront. They combined a feather touch switch, 3400 mAh lithium cell, and weather resistance built into a robust and reliable controller.

Contact us to Pre-Order yours by May 25 to take advantage of the amazing KickStarter prices! Orders will be shipped in September/October 2016.

Frog Shield

IPB Frog Sheild

We get so tired of all the hair and other things that get wrapped around the area between our casters and our forks. They are hard to clean and maintain. FrogLegs came up with a great solution to all your caster woes:

Frog Shields are precision machined and anodized, 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, replacements for traditional caster wheel spacers. Frog Shields fit over the wheel bearings to protect them from damage due to debris, water, hair and anything else NASTY. Over time buildup of grit, hair and gunk will chew up and crush your bearings resulting in reduced rolling efficiency. Frog Shields are designed exclusively for Frog Legs brand aluminum caster wheels in sizes from 3″ to 6″. They will also retro-fit to Frog Legs existing wheels made in prior years. You will love how easy it is to keep your wheels clean. No wiping, no tweezing, no NASTY.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Ceramic Hybrid bearings are a longer lasting faster bearing then tradittional steal.
Want a longer lasting, high performance bearing? Tired of bearings that rust and seize up? Ceramic bearings don’t corrode, require almost no lubrication, reduced wear, are lighter, have minimal friction and are able to reach very high rotational speeds. This means a faster, smoother ride and typically last 4 to 8 times longer than a steel bearing with the ability to run at 40-60% higher speeds. Ceramic bearings are often used in high performance sports and high end bikes. We say use them in the high performance sport called life.

Spinergy Blade LXL Wheels

Spinergy Blade LXL, Wheelin' Mobility
When looking for a high performance Wheelchair wheel we want something that is light weight, durable and can go fast. The Spinergy Blade LXL is all of that and more:

The Blade LXL is the lightest performance wheelchair wheel on the market. These are your next wheels if you want super lightweight combined with Spinergy reliability. Developed as an incredibly stylish and aesthetically pleasing wheel with a clean design of its own, never sacrificing performance and durability. The Blade LXL features a 17mm bead width rim, a new minimalistic hub design and of course patented PBO bladed fiber spokes. Hands down this wheel performs.

 Spinergy Blade LXL Bladed spokes
Bladed Spokes: The bladed spokes takes this model to a new level. Each spoke is a bladed shape to add sleek & cutting edge styling similar to high-end aero bicycle wheels.


Light weight,customizable, SideStix, Wheelin' Mobility
The first and only shock absorbent crutch with attachable tips for navigating any kind of terrain. Light weight and customizable, these crutches will take you around the city and up a mountain like the veteran Julian Torres who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in November 2015 with his SideStix™. Just imagine where SideStix™ would take you.

SideStix Features and options
Innovative features include:
01. Carbon Fibre Tubes: Carbon fibre technology makes our tubes super strong and super light. Resulting in less energy needed to move, walk and play. Precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum tubes are also available
02. Ergon BiocorkTM Grips: Fully adjustable BioKork™ grips relieve pressure and pain in hands, wrists and forearms by providing 100% contact of your hands and fingers through an anatomically optimized
grip shape.
03. Adjustable Cuffs and Pads: Adjustable cuffs come in three distinctive styles and are custom sized to fit you perfectly, while genuine leather pads gently cushion your forearms to provide superior softness, comfort
and durability.
04. Articulating Foot: The revolutionary foot assembly contains a clever ball & socket joint that emulates the natural movement and articulation of your shoulder and ankle. Leaving the foot free to rotate helps prevent the fatigue and injury that often occurs over long-term use with other crutches.
05. Shock Absorbing System: The patent pending SideStix™ Shock Absorbing System has been scientifically designed to reduce joint compression and provides energy in return. Resulting in less pain, less fatigue and more energy when walking or enjoying your favourite activities.
06. Tornado Tips™: Made from high quality rubber, Tornado Tips™ feature a flexible gel core, which provides superior comfort, stability and shock absorption by engaging the ground throughout your
entire stride.
07. Ergonomic Forearm Design: Unlike other forearm crutches, the unique geometry of our forearm design ensures maximum comfort and safety over the long-term by protecting joints and minimizing stress in hands, wrists and shoulders.

SideStix,Colours, Wheelin' Mobility
That’s a lot of innovation for a pair of Stix™.

Buggy Bag

Buggy Bag, Ly Cairns Designs, Wheelin' Mobility

Tired of having the tops of your legs get drenched when it’s raining? The Buggy Bag is heavy duty rain gear for your bottom half. Perfect for living in Vancouver or anywhere really. It folds down into a medium sized easy to carry bag when not in use, so you can enjoy the sun, but be ready for the rain.

A streamlined, sleek design with a waterproof and windproof outer shell and a fleece-lined interior to keep you warm and dry. The Buggy Bag goes over your lap and under your feet, but not under your seat, making it easy to slip on and off. It offers a wide range of features, including: waterproof zippers, Velcro tables to attach to a chair or behind your waist, non-slip sole to keep your feet on your footrest, and a reflective strip to increase safety. A bonus feature is the large waterproof pocket that rests on your lap, perfect for your wallet keys and cell phone.

Dual Density Foam Tires

Duel Density Tires, Wheelin' Mobility
Duel Density Foam is a pneumatic tire with a soft urethane foam inner core combined with standard urethane to make for a softer ride like an air tube. Maintenance Free and Flat Free! They require a two piece hub and come in black and grey.

Primo Spirit


IPB Duel Denisity 2

With the Primo Spirit and Primo Power Trax you get Duel Density Foam tires with excellent traction on and off the road for your power chair or scooter. The feel of pneumatic (air) tires with none of the maintenance. They even come in non-marking black. Foam filled tires allow you to operate over broken glass, nails, sharp metal and rocks. Inspite of cuts and punctures, it keeps you rolling. What can be better than that?

For more information or to purchase any of these products contact our Wheelin’ Mobility Sales Team.