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Modular Design:

What sets the ICON apart from any other wheelchair is its revolutionary modular design. Your body and needs are always changing, why shouldn't your chair change with you?  With the ICON you can change each component, even wheel sizes and still maintain the geometry that's best for you. The ICON allows you to 'dial in' that perfect fit!


adjustable suspension

Adjustable Suspension:

Looking for a smooth ride that reduces the strain and fatigue that occurs from riding over sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces? The ICON's unique fully adjustable suspension allows you to set it to your exact weight, for the ultimate wheeling experience. You are able to tune both the compression and rebound for a customized experience. Additionally there is a lockout feature for those times where you benefit more from no suspension.

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Fully Customizable:

The ICON comes with a wide range of options and accessories. Choose from a titanium or aluminum frame. Add some carbon fibre  fender side guards to reduce dirt and muck and there is an option to add a transfer bar. There are options for anti tips and other safety features. Don't forget to grab a shock pump to allow you to adjust the suspension at home. With  wide range of features and options, the ICON will be the perfect chair for your unique needs and lifestyle.

child sized ICON

 Affordable Luxury:

Starting at just $3,785 for the ICON A1 and $5,285 for the ICON T1. The ICON is one of the most affordable wheelchairs on the market, that still offers a superior product and a smooth ride.

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All the facts presented are backed up by Matt Pregent, who loves his ICON. He can often be seen showing off the incredible suspension the ICON offer by jumping down curbs with ease and no strain to his back.

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