Wheelin’ Teams up with TetraGear to develop innovative safety lights.


In 2014 Matt Pregent, Wheelin' Mobility co-owner and manager, was approached by the Tetra Society to provide guidance on a improved safety light system. They were building an innovative safety light to keep people safe and seen on Vancouver’s streets. Traditional reflective gear and other visibility products were not preventing accidents or addressing  all safety concerns. To further improve their original prototype they sought out Matt, knowing his experience working on and repairing many different types of mobility equipment and his passion for improving the quality of life of people with disabilities would be an asset. Matt eagerly signed on to help make this safety light system something special; cementing the relationship between Wheelin’ Mobility and TetraGear.

Matt was honored to work on such a great project that marries the importance of safety and visibility with style and usability. He used to his knowledge of owning a small business and a lifetime of living with a disability to advise on pricing structure, usability, best installation practices, aesthetic, and functionality.

TetraGear Beta Testers Show off their lights

Together, Wheelin' Mobility, the Tetra Society, numerous volunteers and over 50 beta testers, created a state of the art safety light system by solving these 5 common complaints:

1. Not weather proof:

Matt Pregent - Strips Trio

The lights need to stand up to all sorts of wear, tear and tough weather conditions. No one wants to have to replace their lights after a few months or even a year. They want a product that stands the test of time.  The lights were hosed down, run over, and put through a variety of tests to insure the user could trust and rely on this light system. Matt has taken his lights on a plane, thrown his chair around, driven it around in a four wheeler and put them through some of Vancouver’s worst torrential downpours; and they are still in perfect condition. Using superior materials mean these lights will hold up in all types of conditions.

2. Difficult to operate:

Feather Touch, long lasting battery, weather resistent controller

At Wheelin’ Mobility we understand how important it is to be able to have the independence to operate our equipment on our own. The TetraGear light controller was designed to be used by anyone regardless of hand function. It uses feather touch and large visible buttons. The sensitivity of the buttons are adjustable to the user’s ability. It can be mounted anywhere, ensuring the user can access it easily. One controller easily manages 2 strips and one aerial at the same time.


The controller houses the long lasting rechargeable battery; most users can get up to 2 weeks on a standard charge.


3. Not aesthetically pleasing:

Customizable Colours

Many of the other safety lights available may increase visibility but aren’t visually pleasing. People prefer products that are both beautiful and functional. TetraGear lights have customizable colours and modes. Knowing the importance of personal style, TetraGear lights are fashionable and personalized: both versions come with 6 colour modes and 6 flashing modes, which can be combined to suit any mood or setting. With these lights you can be safe, but more importantly be seen!

Flash Gif

4. Difficult to Install:

We approached this problem in a few different ways:

universal mounting bracket diagram

The aerial lights can be mounted to virtually any system using the custom made universal mounting bracket. It is designed to mount on any wheeled device, and can be mounted on any square or round frame.

industrial strength velcro

The strip lights use industrial-strength velcro that can be adhered to any surface, including curves, making them strong and sturdy yet easily removable.

Multi-use safety lights

These versatile lights can be easily mounted to any bicycle frame, recumbent bike, stroller, and bike trailer for unparalleled visibility while riding at night.

Easy to mount controller

The controller is mounted to round frames using the mounting adapter included with each mounting kit, or to flat surfaces using industrial strength, self-adhesive velcro. If there are any further concerns we will mount the lights to your equipment for you or for those farther away TetraGear is working on a series of instructional videos to take you through the process step by step.

5. Poor visibility

improved visability

Often the placement or the brightness of a safety light does not provide enough light to be visible to traffic. TetraGear Lights are the brightest safety light system on the market. They are bright enough to be seen, strong and clear, in broad daylight. At night they provide unparalleled visibility. You won't be overlooked, even on the darkest night.

TetraGear Lights come in four different packages to allow you to customize the system to your equipment and needs:


Help brighten a child's day:

Don’t need a light yourself? If you pledge $125 (no shipping added), TetraGear will assemble and provide a light to a child in British Columbia in your name!

To help with this and ensure kids get the light they want, we have partnered with the Sunny Hill Health Center for Children, a branch of BC Children’s Hospital that provides specialized development and rehabilitation services to BC children and youth and their families.

Once pledged lights are installed on your behalf, you’ll receive a personalized thank-you from TetraGear and Sunny Hill!

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